Monday, September 3, 2012

Munchie Mania! (Part 1)

Every other year or so I discover this fantastic little  book called "Weird Snacks"

Every time I see it, I feel obligated (mostly by my tummy) to investigate the recipe it provides. Although I have only actually tried a handful, I'm always delighted and intrigued by the suggestions. Most come in the format of "Pour a cup of ice cold milk. Stir in a tablespoon of maple syrup for a sugar treat!". There's no true measurements, only suggestions, which is just my type of cooking! Here's a few of MY favorite snickersnacks:

Flavorful Popcorn - With a batch of regular popcorn (movie-theater butter tastes the best, of course) sprinkle layers with curry powder and nutritional yeast. The yeast adds a kind of cheesy flavor. It goes good on a lot of different foods.

Pidge Pasta - Before I delve into this one, let me explain that as the youngest child I have acquired approximately 67 nicknames but the most commonly used one is Pidge (or Pidgeon). Melt equal amounts of butter (I recommend SmartBalance for this recipe!) and simple tomato sauce (I prefer as plain tomatoey as you can find) over a bowl of pasta. Sprinkle with salt.

Ants on a Log - Classic snack. Take a strip of celery, fill with peanut butter and top with raisins or chocolate chips.

All We Have is Chocolate Chips Dessert - Layer chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl; microwave until just melt, making sure not to burn. Smooth out and top with whipped cream for a quick chocolate fix.

Sammy Snacks
Cheesy Pasta - Melt about a tablespoon of butter (SmartBalance!) over pasta and top with parmesan cheese. Mmmmmmmm....

Sammy Snack - My lovely sister, Samantha, loves pie crust. Whenever I bake a pie, I always make sure to cut off a 12 inch strip which I cut into bite-size bits and bake for her so she has something to snack on. 

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