Sunday, January 13, 2013

How-To: Press Cheese

Per request of several readers, here's a how-to of my cheese press. It's relatively simple so long as you can find a good fit for the top of your cheese mold.

Here's what you need.

 I lucked out because my bowls happen to be the perfect size for my cheese mold. They are a little rounded, so my cheese has a little bit of an indent. However another method of cheese pressing that I read about suggested cutting our the right sized piece of cardboard, and layering flat cans (like cans of tuna) on top, and then piling books on those to get a perfectly shaped cheese.

But here's what I did. Starting with the cheese mold, layer your cheese cloth (mine was folded over about 4 times.), making sure there is some overhang.

Place in cheese. Layer with perfectly circumfrenced object.

Pile on books. 

Hope that was helpful!

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