Sunday, July 14, 2013

30 Minute Jam

 When you need some jam in a jiff, use this!

Arm Yourself With:
1 lb strawberries
2 cups sugar
1/4 lemon juice

Begin by hulling the strawberries - pull the leaves off close to the base in order to pull the middle section out too. Easy; done.
Squish the strawberries into a nice pulp. For fun I did this with my hands. There's something super satisfying about feeling them squelch in your palm. You can also be normal and use a fork or a potato masher.
Place a plate in the freezer. You'll use this to test the jaminess later on.
Place all the ingredients in a pan. Stir over low heat until the sugar has dissolved then turn up that heat to high and make those buggers sweat.

 Bring them to a rolling boil. You'll notice a distinct difference in the way the jam boils. It starts bubbling like crazy, much like boiling water, but as time goes on, you'll see it boils lower and becomes more viscous as much of the water evaporates out.
From time to time, place a teaspoon of the jam fluid on the freezer plate.

 Return to freezer and after about a minute, test to see if you like the consistency. I let me jam bowl for about 5 minutes until it was perfect. Remove from heat. Either store in sterilized jars, or if to be used soon after, store anywhere.
 I used mine as the perfect filling to a light, fluffy angelfood cake.

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