Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Important Bit

You may have already realized, but I have a problem with measurements in cooking. I see cooking as random ratios thrown together that magically make a scrumptious supper. After all, cup and teaspoon are only relative amounts. They are completely random ratios that someone chose a long time ago. I've cooked with people that use a knife to level everything, and flip out is an extra smidge is added. I can't do that...A recipe is improved by variation. A recipe is not a set in stone ratio of salt to pepper. As a cook, I reserve the right to try new things, and try them in different quantities.
But mostly, this was not supposed to be a rant post. I just want to say I'm sorry if you get frustrated sometimes with my lack of direction...just comment and I'll try to get a good measurement of how much of something you need. There will be some recipes that I post where I just jotted down what I put in without any numerical value...Sometimes I will not know how much I put in. Usually, however, it's a personal preference and it won't affect the chemistry of the recipe.

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