Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Once, my family was staying a motel. It wasn't just any motel. When we go motel, we go for the real motel experience. This was a Motel 6. That's right - $6 per person per night.  To signify it was a no-smoking room, the little ash tray was turned upside down to reveal a no-smoking sign. It was swell.
In the one room we rented, there were two twin beds for the five of us to split. As the youngest, I was given the pleasure of choosing my sleeping spot last. After spending a grouchy night on the floor, I was woken up by my sister saying "Good morning, sunshine!". In response, I garbled out "Good morning, rain cloud of doom.". You must understand that I am usually a morning person, and she is...not so much. Neither of my sisters are, in fact.
This "good morning sunshine" has always been a joke in the family. One morning I woke up very early, around 5, to text my sister, 500 miles away "Good morning sunshine! The world says 'Hallo!'".
This is a breakfast she and I share together often. There's several name variations, but this is ours.

Fry up some bacon real nice.
                                                      Make the house smell like joy.

You'll need the bacon grease to increase flavor. Take some toast, we do two slices per muncher. Cut out a hole in the center - it can be any shape hole. Save the center for later. Fry one side of the bread in grease. Crack an egg in the hole.

Awwwww yeah, this is the good stuff
 Flip when needed. Do the same for all egg/toast slices. With the remaining grease, fry the unfried bread. It's a little gross - and very unhealthy, but ohhhh sooooo gooooood.

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